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EYESPERT is a universal tool dedicated for businesses facing the problem of recognizing and finding similar shapes in databases containing thousands of objects.
This is why it is coveted by producers of shapes and profiles, extrusion shops, casting houses, designers, pattern shops, tool-rooms, and the motoring industry.
The application consists of a set of highly specialized functions based on cutting-edge solutions in image recognition information technologies, and its goal is fast and effective finding of visually similar objects. Thanks to the transparent and user- friendly graphic interface, work with the EYESPERT is intuitive, and extremely effective and simple. The possibility of implementation in any environment, minimum hardware requirements, and support for mobile devices are among a handful of assets that the solution provides you with.

Main features
  • an innovative algorithm
  • indexing of shapes
  • recognition of the same or similar contours
  • broken patterns recognition
  • recognition of rotated and mirror images
  • input data format independent
  • raster and vector graphics
  • real-time searching
  • no Fourier transforms, no fuzzy logic, no neural networks
Technical requirements
  • shared disk resource, available to all users of the system, where the EYESPERT will be installed
  • access to an existing database of objects
  • pre-installed programs to correctly display image on the screen
  • Windows XP/7/8/10
  • mobile devices (Android)
System architecture

The eyeCORE Server is installed as a Windows service. It maintains a connection to an SQL database with search data and stores profile images on the disk. It also contains an HTTP endpoint to which other applications connect. eyeQUERY is a desktop application that allows the user to browse and search the database. MOBeyeLE is eyeQUERY for Android. eyeSYNC is a module installed in the eyeCORE Server, which waits for notifications about changes in data in other systems and makes these changes in the eyeCORE database. This allows us to configure the synchronization between eyeCORE and another system in the MASTER-SLAVE relationship, where eyeCORE assumes the role of SLAVE.

EYESPERT vs Google Images

As a rule, searching and matching images in databases follows the indexing of content, i.e. assigning an object with a set of text attributes (tags) that allows its identification. A solution for finding without the need of tagging is the EYESPERT technology – an innovative algorithm for recognising and identifying shapes from mamoko technologies.

See the comparison of the EYESPERT and Google Images algorithms

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