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aluminium profiles recognition
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The basis of the entire EYESPERT system is eyeCORE - a unique, proprietary algorithm for identifying and searching for similar shapes.


eyeQUERY allows to create a database of profiles and dies customer query database, and graphic searches for similar elements in each database.


This tool is addressed
primarily to the sales staff,
and is the mobile version
of eyeQUERY.


The eyeSYNC module
enables automatic updating
and synchronization of data
in the EYESPERT system.

mamoko technologies - aluminium shapes recognition

we offer a unique shape recognition software that allows recognizing aluminium profiles and searching similar profiles in databases containing a huge number of objects.

About us

Why choose us?


Quick and effective recognition and finding a specific shape in databases containing thousands of objects is a problem known to every company producing profiles or matrices.
EYESPERT is a universal tool based on a unique shape recognition algorithm that solves this problem.

The implementation of the EYESPERT solution results in the creation of a single platform that can be integrated with the ERP system operating in the company, improving the functioning of the enterprise.

Providing the browsing potential, the EYESPERT makes it possible to:

  • improve delivery optimization by making faster, easier and better
    informed decisions
  • significant reduce production costs due to the ability to use existing die
  • reduce the costs of new die through the ability to simply modify
    an existing one
  • faster assess order delivery costs
  • shortening the waiting time for the order

The graphic queries database allows:

  • to better understand external demand and orders placed by individual clients and their buying patterns when it comes to particular products
  • much faster responses to client queries and much more efficient client service (reduced order/quote processing time)
  • to increase client satisfaction level
  • to create a database of shape sales (FAQ, recent, new questions, elements that attract people's demand and are in short supply)
  • re-assessment, detailed analysis and fine-tuning of both historical and current sales/production strategies (repeatability of the queries)
  • to create sales policies based on shape related information

It is necessary to access to existing database (SQL) for the proper functioning of the software, installed programs that allow the correct display of graphical files on the screen, the Windows XP/7/8/10 environment, and the Android system on mobile devices. Skilful use of power sewn into the programs of the algorithm that recognizes and searches for similar shapes enables us to achieve competitive advantage for our clients and increase work efficiency.

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